First of all: a good atmosphere!

Second: Our instructors speak very good English

This is how our English-speaking students rate us!

Youssef Moutik

I was with the instructor Irek, good English skills, very professional, polite, and always on time.

Ugo mgbechi

best driving school. i pass my exam.
thanks instructor Irek for teaching me how to build confidence beyend the wheel.

Ömer amaç

Thanks to Mr. Irek again 🙏🏻 He was my instructor. Driving with Mr. Irek was a big joy and the advices he gave me, helped me to pass the exam. It was really nice experience to prepare for exam with the YETI driving school. They are friendly and explain every detail about the driving techniques. My suggestion would be listening to instructors from first day of the course, because trust me everything they say will appear during exam.

Manoj Khanal

I want to thank you Mr irek instructor and yeti driving school..I came here with zero driving knowledge after learning 30 hrs of driving with Mr irek now I am confident and ready for national exam for driving licence. I recommend every body this driving school and special instructor Mr irek because he is good English speaking, friendly,good teaching knowledge and experience he has and he teaches in very funny and comedy way 😆 which helps to learn again thank you mr irek instructor

Abishek adhikari

Very good school. Mr. IREK is very friendly and very good instructor to learn driving. I highly recommend osk yeti . THANK YOU

Jason Richard

Mr.Irek is the greatest instructor of all timeRecommand him for students who wanna have an English instructor. I passed practical exam with only one attempt after had lessons with Irek. Good driving school, good service!

Ranjit Jha

I am from Nepal and I recommend this driving school because I am also had training for driving skill and I passed the exam and I got polish driving licence…my driving teacher is irek opinion irek is the best driving teacher and also yeti driving center…so if anyone want to learn driving the go there…

Tendal Parichi

I had the best Instructor his name is Irek he is very patient he taught me from the beginning when I didn’t know anything until I passed. I recommend everyone to go there 😊

Alex Jj

Instructor Irek is the best! You guys just listen what he teaches you and you will pass for the first time! Irek Instruktor jest najlepszy! Polecam gorąco.

Antoine Azaïs

Thank you Michal for the lessons and great help !

Robert Muchabveyo

I want to give credit to Irek,, I came to Warsaw, Poland with no knowledge of driving,, and did the 30 hours with Instructor Irek.. Smooth and perfect,, On my first practical attempt I failed on second task because I was nervous and I was so furious that I did not showcase what Irek had coached me.. trust me he coached me right and I would recommend everyone in Warsaw to go to him. On my second practiceal attempt I passed… Thanks Mr Irek

Are you a foreigner and would you like to get a driving license in Poland? It's very easy with us! [READ MORE]

If you are a foreign student or a foreigner living in Poland and want to obtain a driving license, you must meet certain requirements. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a driving license course in Poland as a foreigner.

You must meet these conditions to get started

First, make sure you meet the requirements to apply for a driving license in Poland. You must be at least 18 years old, have a legal residence status and have lived in Poland for at least 185 days. you will need to provide a copy of your residence permit, visa or other valid document confirming your right to stay.

It should also be remembered that foreigners must exchange their foreign driving license for a Polish one within 185 days of obtaining a residence permit in Poland. To exchange your driver’s license, you must submit a formal application and all required documents, including a foreign driver’s license and if necessary a translated copy, to your local Department of Communications

After meeting these requirements, you can enroll in a driving course.

– With us you will do a course for a driving license Cat B from PLN 3,100

– and will be led by a qualified instructor who speaks excellent English.

How it looks step by step

After enrolling in the driving course, you will have to attend theoretical and practical classes. Theoretical classes include traffic regulations, road signs and driving theory.

For foreign students, the theory exam can be taken in English or German. You will also need to pass a practical test which will include a driving test. To pass the practical test, you must demonstrate your ability to drive a vehicle and your knowledge of the rules of the road.


*Remember! If you need an interpreter for your practical driving test, you can hire a qualified interpreter, this is guaranteed by EU law.

Our school is created for people – if you have questions or doubts, don’t worry! We are here to help you get a driving license in Poland quickly and stress-free!

Feel free to contact us!

Driving Courses

„B” category – passenger cars – in English


Driving School „YETI” invites you for a driving course ( „B” category-passenger cars ) that will prepare you for the theory and driving national exam.

Our Driving School provides:

one to one tuition

friendly instructors

manual and automatic dual controlled cars

highly qualified senior instructors

The Yeti Driving School’s Advanced Driving Course has been formulated to suit any candidate for a driver as well as any qualified driver looking to achieve a higher level of safe driving skill.

The theory and driving lessons can be arraned in the most convinient for you time frames.

The price of the whole course is 3100 PLN ( including traffic rules guide book, CD with theory exam symulator and a doctor physical examination ). The theoretical part of the course lasts for 22.5 hours and the practical part for 30 hours and both are conducted by a professional, licensed and a very patient instructors.

You can enroll for the driving course at the school’s office which is located on 44/50 Dluga Street office no. 14 in the center of Warsaw ( Bankowy Sqr. behind KFC restaurant ). Practical driving lessons starts at the above location.


Contact: Licensed instructor – Michał, tel.: 601-084-949

Expert in driving lessons from „YETI” Driving School will make that magic moment happen for you.

Contact us!